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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  July 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it with everybody else. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great fourth of july. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a fireworks came early. a double dose of heavy rain and high winds for the holiday weekend. and a mass evacuation on the national mall. good morning, washington. it's monday, july 4. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. we will check in with beverly farmer in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> there was stormy weather yesterday evening. a few thunderstorms moved through the metro area. some areas picked up with gusts
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of 60 miles an hour, approaching 70 miles an hour. we don't expect widespread rain today. 70 degrees in hagerstown, 74 in the district. 72 in martinsburg. partly cloudy today. scattered afternoon and early evening thunderstorms. high temperatures in the low 90's's. sunset at 8:37 for fireworks. storms early. partly cloudy around frolics time. southern maryland and south of the metro area, there could be thunderstorms hanging on closer to final design, 80 degrees at that time -- closer to fireworks time. not much traffic, which is a good thing for folks headed at
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this morning. noaa down 95 looks normal. in springfield if a few headlights northbound. -- no northbound 95 looks normal. 395 is normal. some areas may have power outages. watch for that sort of thing. 395 past washington boulevard there are few travelers. in maryland and virginia, there will be no hov enforcement today. back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. severe storms last night's turn deadly. the national park service says a 56-year-old man was riding his bicycle near white's ferry when a tree fell on top of him. ddot it's a scene. the man has not been identified.
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-- he died at the scene. tree limbs and power lines were brought down last night and there was a mass evacuation on the national mall. hundreds of people had gathered to watch preparations for today's celebration. >> kris van cleave has a look at the cleanup and the hardest-hit areas. >> running for cover. the blessing of the national mall sunday evening trying to escape approaches summer storm in the d.c. area with heavy rain damaging winds, and lightning. >> we got a little shelter under the shade. >> then a huge storm came and blog since a length -- and blew our tents away. >> distillate the dress rehearsal monday for the fourth
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of july concert -- this delayed the dress rehearsal for the fourth of july concert on monday. a tree crashed into this historic arlington home. the owners had taken cover in the basement. >> it felt like a tornado in our backyard, with trees growing saw edwards -- trees growing -- going sidewards. >> the tree had the back of his car. and a big mess left in this cul- de-sac. >> we were standing there four minute -- for a minute. >> b-w parkway a tree fell and stopped traffic. driver started removing some of the debris themselves from the southbound lane. >> we stood there for about an hour and got tired of waiting. >> the storm left quite a mess
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across our area for city crews can people to clean up on this holiday weekend. the fourth of july concert aerosolreversal the show must go on. >> thousands of people are waking up without power. 9200 customers out of power in northern virginia from dominion. 1100 for pepco. 236 for novec. 1600 for bge. to send your pictures of the storm, preparations under way for tonight's big fourth of july concert on the national mall despite last night's storm.
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it went on as scheduled, the reversal. >> the‚ô™ >> jordin sparks will be singing. and jimmy smits will be hosting. >> to think about what the founding fathers put forward when they first go to that document and what it all means. >> comedian steve martin will perform tonight as a bluegrass musician. -brokethe concert begins at 8:00 p.m., followed by fireworks at 9:10. metro will be running extra trains today. the smithsonian station will be closed. the parade is at 11:45 this
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morning on constitution avenue. for more details, including the road closures, go to our web site, explore the jury is expected to begin deliberating the fate of casey anthony. the mother is charged with killing her daughter caylee anthony in 2008. both sides made closing arguments yesterday. prosecutors say anthony murdered her daughter. the defense says it was an accident. she could receive the death penalty if convicted. prince william and his wife will spend the day on canada's prince edward island. they will participate in a helicopter search and then a dragon boat races. they received a warm welcome during a stop in quebec, however, some demonstrators tried to disrupt their visit. 71 degrees. >> still to come and quick thinking neighbor helped a
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family in distress. >> answer later, standing. he retired from the army's 40 years after the vietnam war
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captioned by the national captioning institute happy fourth of july. adam caskey with your forecast.
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let's start with the satellite and radar composite. a fair amount of cloud cover right now. left over from showers and thunderstorms over night northwest of the metro area. in the midwest there's a level energy and a frontal boundary along the mason-dixon line. that will push southward. scattered thunderstorms this afternoon and into the early evening. 74 in the district. 70 in winchester and frederick. 74 in annapolis. partly cloudy today with the boundary and the upper level energy. scattered afternoon thunderstorms lingering into the evening. especially evening fredericksburg toward southern maryland could have thunderstorms around fireworks time. locally, the storms will be gone by then. ties today in the low 90's. partly cloudy and warm, are around 80 degrees. mostly sunny tomato, a little
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less humid, high temperatures in the upper 80's. -- mostly sunny today. looks good on 95. looks fine in springfield. the drive in maryland looks normal. the bay bridge, in both directions. problems around the american legion bridge. on the beltway in maryland looks good. in virginia, light volume due to the federal holiday. some areas are still trying to recover within our colleges. so the signal lights may be dark. there could be standing water and debris. 395 looks ok past washington boulevard into the 14th street bridge. 66 into the teddy roosevelt bridge, light volume of away from prince william county. back to you. >> thank you. 4:42 72 degrees. >> coming up a family cookout ended in a fatal beating, what
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sparked the deadly fight at a party in gaithersburg. >> and good
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and 18-month-old girl is alive thanks to the quick thinking and actions of our neighbors in germantown. yesterday afternoon a woman rushed out of this town house on cottage garden drive holding her toddler. the girl had been in the bathtub and slipped under the water.
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she was not breathing. michael heard the mother screaming and quickly began cpr. >> the first couple breaths and compressions brought up some water. she started to dial. so i said you take over and i will dial. >> he handed the baby to another neighbor, a nurse to continue cpr. the baby was taken to a hospital. there's no word on the baby's condition. we are learning new details about the fatal beating of a man at a family cookout. >> its capital the weekend along the 100 block of stephen court in gaithersburg. jay korff has reaction from one of the witnesses. >> i don't know how it went so wrong so fast. turning tragic for gaithersburg family. >> he was taking punches and
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fell to the ground. >> is close friend, 28-year-old justin carter exchanged words whispered 24-year-old brenden dashiell, an acquaintance. >> they were playing and wrestling at first but it got alessandra. >> the altercations spilled into the backyard. carter, lead in drinking, had not put up a defense. >> he was drunk and could not do anything. he was just standing there and getting hit. >> he got stuck in the head a number of times. paramedics could not revive him. he died at the hospital. >> you could tell something terrible happened. >> guzman and other friends remained unshaken. >> he did not expect him to die, but he kept hitting him constantly. >> the suspect, will initially fled, was arrested and faces a
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second-degree murder charges. 4:47. lightning is blamed for fire that damaged a church in mount airy, maryland. the fire broke out around 5:00 yesterday morning at the mog in chapel methodist church. it took seven firefighters an hour or to control the blaze. the new pastor, earl mason was opposed to prepare for its first time ever. he ended up holding services at a nearby certain steps. -- he was suppose d to give his first sermon there. >> all the memories. >> one firefighter was injured. the fire caused $150,000 in damage. parishioners are vowing to rebuild. 12,000 residents were
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evacuated because of wildfire in mexico now allowed to return home. the fire is 19% contained. the threat of los alamos nuclear lab is greatly diminished. because of drought conditions in the south there's the threat of wildfires. farmer is in many communities are canceled. president obama will celebrate the fourth of july at the white house. the first family will host an independence day celebration on the south lawn. there will be a barbecue and a concert. service members and their families will be among those attending that event. 4:49. the july 4 break will be a short one for congress. the house and senate are scheduled to return to work tomorrow. lawmakers will try to reach a deal that would pave the way for an increase in the nation's borrowing limits. if congress does not take action by august 2, the u.s. could default on its debt. 71 degrees outside.
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>> coming up, call duty. the local soldier is ready to retire nearly 40 years after opening his draft letter. >> and another check on traffic and weather. we will be right back.
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for the july, 4:52. let's look and some of the rainfall totals from yesterday. -- it is the fourth of july. over two in his of rain in monrovia. 1.8 in separate states. 1.7 in bethesda and potomac. temperatures around 100 degrees70. there will be a mixture of sun and clouds today. from illinois all the way to all highfill developing showers. that's up global energy that will continue to push our way. that combines with a frontal boundary. that will likely trigger scattered thunderstorms this afternoon into the early evening. northwest winds and 5-10 is around 90. scattered thunderstorms should
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be ending around the fireworks time. 89 degrees tomorrow, sunny skies. the light volume of downtown. -- are downtown. nice light volume in ballston. route 1 in hamilton is closed. 395 northbound, light volume in landmark and into the 14th street bridge. cleaning up a crash outbound and new york avenue before you get to south dakota. maryland as far as the beltway head towards the wilson bridge it's good. light volume out of virginia as well. back to you. >> thank you. it's the end venera. the last draftee for the u.s.
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army retiring. -- it is the end of an era. >> he answered the call and it changed his life. now more. >> it was a time of protest and war when a 19-year-old construction worker received a letter and believed the president was riding impersonally. >> we have selected you to represent the armed forces. >> he told reporters what they paid? >> they told me you are wasting your time, so here i am. >> he was drafted in 1972. >> i need you to take a step like that. >> now he is sgt. major jeff mellinger.
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>> if somebody told me i would be in the army 40 years, i would have laughed. >> he was an army ranger. the the top enlisted man in iraq 2.5 years. he survived more than two dozen " bomb attacks there. at 58, he is preparing to retire. >> there is that sound of freedom you have to love it. >> people that i'd love. it's not just the army, it is the services. >> he will spend a fourth of july with friends after he makes the trip to arlington cemetery. >> it's a reminder of the costs of being able to do what we do in this country. some of my friends are there in arlington. >> the last draftee who has been honored to serve. reporting from fort mcnair. 71 degrees, 4:56. there's a lot more ahead in the
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next hour or. >> an inside look into washingt
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did the storms moved through our region causing plenty of damage and leaving thousands in the dark. >> justice for caylee anthony. a jury will decide whether it's casey anthony murdered her daughter. >>


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